And Yoga Studios was first founded in 2015 as an independent, fair-trade handmade retail and gift shop aptly named Locale Village Shop. Soon after, a cozy yoga studio was built in the backroom room, to honor the partners’ personal practice and commitment to the values of yoga in everyday life — hence our roots, “

Locale Village Shop and Yoga.” No longer a gift shop but still inspiring magic!

Now And Yoga Studios continues that vision with member-focused boutique yoga studios that unite our individuality, artistry and soul along with our members passions thru yoga.  More than a lifestyle message, whatever you are passionate about, yoga fits in. The majority of our members work and play in creative industries like fashion, film, advertising, music and art, among others represented in various fields. Despite our diversity we all have one thing in common, collective members of our yoga community and the love for one another! 

We offer three types of membership: 4 Anytime, 8 Anytime, or Unlimited.

4 Anytime Yoga - $65/ per. mo.*

Any 4 classes, anytime = $65/monthly. Limit four per month. avg. $16.25 per class

8 Anytime Yoga - $90/ per. mo.*

Any 8 classes, anytime = $90/monthly. Limit 8 per month. avg. $11.25 per class

Unlimited Yoga- $139/ per. mo.

Unlimited classes. Anytime per month = $139/monthly. All access.

  • All memberships are non contract. no commitments. cancel anytime. see guidelines.

  • All members pay an additional fee but reduced cost for AERIAL $5 and FITNESS $3, per class.


There's a ONE-TIME initiation fee, charged when purchasing memberships. The Member Registration is  FREE when you sign up on the day of your First Class, 1 Week Yoga Pass, or Unlimited Month Trial

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Membership has its privileges. Access to all studio locations, discounts on workshops, swag and any other member exclusives.


The vision behind the boutique created in the historic community of Bedstuy Brooklyn, is an ode to the artistic and cultural qualities of the neighborhood.  Unlike other studios which often treat their communities like commodity, we aim to build something that could honor the existing community while offering something the changing  neighborhood could appreciate. All the while bringing the diverse cultures, artistry and soul which unites us to a common bond.

"So I felt the need as a human being—not just a person of color, but as a human being—to try and bridge the gap of diverse cultures, artistry and soul which unites us all to a common source," said visionary and co-owner - Donald Edwards.