two locations in bedstuy, ny

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410 Marcus Garvey Blvd


Sign up online - we don't take walk-ins. Unless you are waitlisted (details below).

Arrive on-time. Please arrive 5 minutes before class start time, 10 mins if you're new to the studio.

Please remove your shoes promptly on the mat upon entering and exiting  the studio. Place them into cubbies. Do Not Walk On Floors With Shoes.

Check with instructor, they sign you into class. Mention injuries or special conditions.

Bring a mat, towel or any props you may need. We have Jade Harmony mats for a  $2 rental

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and dress in layers so you can adjust should you get hot or cool. 

Keep yourself hydrated. We have filtered water.

Most of all bring a great attitude! 



449 Nostrand Ave

At And Yoga, we invite you to come as you are. You don't have to be fit or flexible to benefit from yoga and our teachers are great at modifying the practice to meet the needs of each individual student. Our non-competitive class environment will make you feel right at home, whatever shape, size, or age you are. 


  1. Given the private nature of our studio, signing up means you are personally reserving a yoga instructor.  Please do not sign up for a class and not show there are late cancellation and absentee fees charged. You may early cancel out of class 12 hours before class start time. See our guidelines/cancellation page for details. 

  2. Class booking or sign up ends :30 mins prior to class start time. If trying to sign up within that time, text or call the Member Hotline 917-498-9300

  3. No one is admitted 5 minutes after class start time. Arrival past the 5 minutes before class start time, may result in forfeit of your reserved space. 

  4. No shoes in studio. Yoga is best practiced barefoot, so be prepared to remove your shoes on the rug upon entry. Preferably you will remove your socks, too!

  5. No body lotions and body/hair oils in the yoga hammocks. We recommend to come to class clean, wearing light pants or long tights and hair pulled up.

  6. No children. Although we love little ones, our classes currently are catered to adults only.

  7. Skip the perfume. while it smells great on your date, your yoga mates might not appreciate it. 

  8. No cell phones are allowed to be on in the studio. Ringing cell phones can be very disruptive. Please allow yourself to be “unplugged” while you are here.

  9. Payment and fees are due in full at the time of registration or class time.

  10. All Clients must keep a credit card with up-to-date billing info on their account in good standing or their account will be placed in inactive status.



There is only one (1) client on the waitlist per class. Being on the waitlist means you're being placed next in line if someone cancels before class start time. Sometimes we are able to alert clients when they're added to class, typically this is via text msg and/or email.

The exact same cancelation rules apply to the waitlist, it's ultimately the clients responsibility to check if they've been added into class. If you are on the waitlist and were added to class but do not show you will be charged a cancelation fee. 

A waitlist person can also show up early to class and if a client comes late, they will receive a spot in class. Late is 5 minutes before class start time.  If waitlisted, and arrive early may not guarantee a class spot but sometimes its worth a try.