upcoming workshops in winter 2019


Location: 449 Nostrand Ave

Cost: $45

Workshop I: Root Chakra

Sandi Preston, yoga teacher and co-founder of And Yoga Studios, and Hosanna Marshall, reiki practitioner and founder of The Open Series, lead a seven-part series that delves into the wisdom and insights stored within the seven chakras -- the energy centers that animate our body, hold the stories of our lives, and are instrumental in maintaining mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. Each workshop focuses on one chakra, creating a vivid and open line of communication to that sacred space through yoga, visualization, storysculpting (writing + conversation), and reiki healing.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Items to bring: yoga mat, journal, writing utensil.

Location: 449 Nostrand Ave

Cost: $35

Lillian Stamey, dancer, movement therapist, and certified yoga teacher will guide you through the depths of “somatic” experiences, which is a form of body-centered therapy that uses creative movement as holistic healing. The guided flow of this workshop looks at the connection of mind and body to unlock creativity, compassion, and a greater sense of self through conscious movement. 

Workshop will include:

Sharing/discussion of the theory and practice of somatic therapy

Guided flow: through movement of the body, participants will explore how to identify strengths and boundaries, find more ease and efficiency within the muscles and joints, and bring consciousness into the experience of one’s own body.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.

PAST workshops


Facilitated by: Makeeda Voletta

Date: Saturday December 15th

Time: 4pm to 7pm

Cost: Free- please RSVP@NaniEggz@gmail.com

The famed New York amazon renaissance woman Makeda Voletta will be hosting a #MysticalEgg Meet Up @andyogastudios on Saturday, December 15th from 4-7pm. This is a FREE event geared toward woman learning about their bodies and getting more in-tune with their physical intimacy with the use of yoni (nani) eggs.

Makeda will have @nanieggs for sale for those of you who prefer to get them in person. She will also be providing general information about the use of the eggs, dispelling common myths and fears, answering questions and demonstrating a few #chi cultivating exercises to work on.

Makeda Voletta has 13 years experience of working with and teaching women how to use #NaniEggs (also known as #YoniEggs). Trust and believe that no matter how good you feel and think you are now...you can be better!! To learn more about the use of these eggs please check out her numerous YouTube videos on the subject at: “TheRenaissanceAmazon” and “TheBodyScientist”. 

Space is limited early registration is strongly encouraged.

RSVP directly nanieggz@gmail.com

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Serving Myself



Facilitated by:

Jessica Clemons,MD & Sandi Preston,RYT



From the moment we’re born, we yearn to connect. And as we make these connections we begin to feel that they define us. Validate us. Make us happy. But what if we accepted the thought that relationships are here to make us conscious instead of happy? Join Jessica Clemons, medical doctor and founder of the educational blog AskDrJess, and Sandi Preston, master yoga teacher and co-founder of And Yoga Studios, for a 2.5-hour transformational workshop that explores the depths of how we relate, with whom, and why.

The workshop involves light yoga. Please dress comfortably.

Session starts promptly at 4pm. Early arrival requested.

Space is limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.