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Facilitated by:

Jessica Clemons,MD & Sandi Preston,RYT



From the moment we’re born, we yearn to connect. And as we make these connections we begin to feel that they define us. Validate us. Make us happy. But what if we accepted the thought that relationships are here to make us conscious instead of happy? Join Jessica Clemons, medical doctor and founder of the educational blog AskDrJess, and Sandi Preston, master yoga teacher and co-founder of And Yoga Studios, for a 2.5-hour transformational workshop that explores the depths of how we relate, with whom, and why.

The workshop involves light yoga. Please dress comfortably.

Session starts promptly at 4pm. Early arrival requested.

Space is limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.

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Facilitated by:

sasha Sigel

Two Dates:

ASANA: Sat, April 14th 2018 @3 - 5pm

BREATH: Sat, April 21st 2018 @3 - 5pm



$40 - both sessions

Let's get back to basics and explore yoga from the ground up. Through two workshops, we'll explore the fundamental elements of yoga: breath, meditation, and movement. These back to back workshops serve as an encompassing introduction to new students, or a way to deepen and refine the practice for seasoned yogis. Come with questions, a notebook, and curiosity as we explore the sacred art of yoga.

ASANA: In this workshop students are guided through common yoga forms, such as Downward Facing Dog, Warrior II, and Child's Pose. Each pose is workshopped, with plenty of time for individual hands on feedback and discussion. Perfect for new students looking to begin their practice with alignment and clarity, and perfect for experienced students looking to re-examine and refresh their understanding of foundational forms.

BREATH: In this workshop Yogis will experiment with several breathing techniques, some to be used in conjunction with asana, and some as a practice on their own. We will spend time in meditation, learning how to quiet the body and the mind. Learn how to incorporate these healing tools within your daily life.

Both workshops involves light yoga, journaling and meditation. Please dress comfortably.

Session starts promptly at 3pm. Early arrival requested.

Space is limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.