Bedford- Stuyversant Locations

  • 410 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11216

On Marcus Garvey Blvd b/t Halsey and Macon, a 7min walk from the C train Kingston/Throop stop or 13min walk from the A/C train Utica stop. 

  • 449 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216

On the SE corner of Nostrand and Halsey, a 3min walk from the A/C train Nostrand Ave stop.

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And Yoga Studios:


M-F 9am to 5pm

For all clients or prospective clients: Text us or call us if you're running late, have questions about class availability, or general information. Keep in mind we do not man the phones and sometimes we're unable to get to it but leave a message and/or email us and we'll be sure to respond within 24hrs.

Note: This is not a sales line or third-party question and answer service, if you’re not part of the studio or a client, please refrain from calling this number - send an email.

Note: We cannot handle membership changes or tech issues over the phone, please send an email.

Studio Administration

Send an email for:

  • Membership Changes

  • Cancellations, Membership Suspensions or Holds

  • Member Account Information

  • and/or any general questions.

We do our best to reply immediately but please allow 24-48hrs and extra time on the weekends.


General Manager

Send an email for:

  • Technical and Registration/Login Issues

  • Special services or third-party inquires

  • Immediate or emergency assistance

  • Studio rentals

We cannot always get to the phone so leave a message. We do our best to reply immediately but please allow 24-48hrs and allow extra time on the weekends.


Text or Call: 773-456-0181

M-F 10am to 6pm

Are you interested in an exchange of work for unlimited yoga?

We have weekly cleaning duties a few hours a week that can be exchanged for monthly yoga. Inquire and send us an email at