frequently asked questions

Do We Provide hardship Discounts for yoga or karma Yoga?

Sure! Tell us about your situation and what kind of membership you would like to have and we can tell you about the various discounts we have for hardships.

Are you interested in an exchange of work for unlimited yoga? We have weekly cleaning duties a few hours a week that can be exchanged for monthly yoga. Inquire and send us an email at

What classes are for beginners?

While our Village Vinyasa I, Aerial Basics and Flow and Restore classes are all suited for the emerging yogi in you, all classes are suitable to attend. With the exception of Aerial Yoga I-II which needs a prerequisite of at least 4 Aerial Basics classes to participate.

As a semi-private yoga studio we cater to small class sizes. The instructor will always be able to see you and provide modifications and adjustments for more challenging poses. Unlike other studios you get specialized attention here and won't get lost in a sea of yogis. Let the instructor know you are new to the yoga practice and we'll take it from there!

Where or how do I book classes?

You can book and or schedule to attend classes directly via our website at ‘BEDSTUY STUDIO SCHEDULES’ tab or via the MINDBODY app.

There were unexpected charges on my account?

Unfortunately we charge for Late Cancellations and Absent No/Shows. The fees may not show up on your account the same day of the cancellation. We'd rather not charge fees but unfortunately we're an intimate studio that must cater to the best class availability. Please early cancel out of class (12hrs before class start time) and only sign up when you are sure you can attend. 


A sankrit word meaning fearlessness as a spiritual virtue, aspiring to transcend worldly desires, hinderances or obstacles by harnessing strength. Basically if you sign up, attend the class and be on time. Be mindful of our cancellation policies and you'll never see charges on your account.  Our policies are strict and it's every student's responsibility to read them before participating at our studio. See them all on our guidelines/cancellation page. No one is perfect and if you feel there was an error, contact us via email at

How do I Cancel Membership?

There are no cancelation fees. Just send us a cancellation email at anytime up to 5 days before your billing date, that simple! 

If you rather make it complicated, wait till the last minute and send us an email within that 5 day window and we'll charge a service fee of 45%. Yes, we need at least 5 days notice to process any membership changes. Be kind to yourself, read our policies beforehand on the guidelines/cancellation page. Send all emails to or

Do we offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds, all sales are final. It takes a lot to run a studio and provide quality offerings to our clients. Please be sure that you can attend classes, workshops and/or be able to use your memberships in the time allotted. We do not offer refunds of classes, memberships or workshops purchased.  Its your responsibility to read our guidelines before purchasing. Non use of services are not grounds for a refund. In some instances, per our discretion we can apply a credit to your account. 

Do we have showers?

Unfortunately we don't have showers, please arrive with your body and clothes clean. We sometimes get comfy with our other yogis, so cleanliness and non odors are a must!  Please arrive early or stay later to use our bathroom facilitates. Keep in mind we are in a small space and using the bathroom during class time is disruptive. The studio facilities are available 10-15 minutes before and after class start time. 

DO WE HAVE Classes for children?

We don't have classes for children at this time, but we may have them in the future. Currently our studio is a yoga sanctuary for adults only. Register and provide your email, when we do offer children's classes you'll be the first to know! 

What do I get wih Membership?

Access to all yoga and/or aerial classes - Depending on your membership type you will have access to a set number or unlimited classes every monthly billing cycle. Based on a monthly self commitment, schedule your classes weekly for your yoga therapy. You will results over time.

There are no rollovers of Membership credits or make up classes.

Membership discounts on workshops and merchandise as posted.

Are there any rollovers of membership credits?

The 4 Classes Anytime Yoga or 8 Classes Anytime Yoga Memberships do not have rollovers. Every monthly billing cycle you will receive the respective number of classes to attend.

What Will I Pay?

Each month a reoccurring auto-debit of the membership fee. Membership fee varies depending on the type of membership and/or specials offered.  Payments are charged to your card on file. If you are unsure of your membership rate please send an email to the studio admin. Late and absent fees will also be assessed, to avoid any late or absent fees please early cancel classes. 


Can I freeze or suspend my membership?

Yes! You can suspend your membership for up to 3 month (3 payments) for any reason or even longer with special circumstances. Email us regarding a suspension 5 days prior to your monthly billing date and we'll gladly assist you. Suspensions are from billing date to billing date or only one month at a time. We cannot suspend memberships for less than a one monthly billing cycle. 

What if I late cancel or don't show up for class?

You will be charged. We have a 12 hour cancellation policy, where you can early cancel class without penalty. Within 12 hours a late cancellation will result in a $10 fee and for absences a $25 fee, for members. These charges are automatic. Non members will forfeit the single class fee or credit given. To avoid any extra fees, please early cancel classes 12 hours ahead of class start time.